Change between 24 Hours and AM/PM time
Access Level Required: None (all users).
The information below applies to modern desktop browsers (Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge) and modern mobile browsers (Safari for iOS, Chrome mobile, Android Browser). Older browsers use a fallback method. We do recommend that you upgrade outdated browsers.
In order to tailor the experience to each user, the displayed time format is adapted to each user's environment. Depending on your system, it may rely on your browser or operating system settings. Most international locales use 24h time by default. In English, however, it varies. See below instructions on how to change this setting in different browsers.

Mac OS users (all browsers):

  • Open System Preferences
  • Click Language & Region
  • Check/uncheck 24-Hour Time


  • Open the menu
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll down and click Show advanced settings.
  • Click Languages.
  • In the window that opened, choose the locale you'd like. English (United States) enforces AM/PM, English (Canada) use 24-hours time. If it's not shown, add it by clicking on Add and selecting it in this list.
  • Check Display Google Chrome in this language.

Internet Explorer 11 / Microsoft Edge:

Following any of the procedures above, restart your browser. D4H™ DECISIONS should now use your desired time format.

Show or hide seconds

Access Level Required: Editor, Owner. This applies to the entire team or organization.
  • In the top right menu, click on Settings
  • Under Custom Fields and Timestamps, select Timestamp Seconds
  • Under Timestamp Seconds select on or off
  • Click Save Changes
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