Categories and Kinds

Before you start adding equipment to your team's account you will need to populate a list of Categories and Kinds which will help organize your equipment. Categories and Kinds can be created by selecting [Categories & Kinds} on the Team Settings page.

Examples of Categories and subsequent Kinds could be:

- Cellular Phone
- Satellite Phone
- VHF Portable Radio
- Personal Locator Beacon  

Personal Protective Equipment
- Helmets
- Protective Eyewear
- Mask - N95

Tools - Electric
- Grinder
- Chainsaw
- Saw - Recip
- Drill

Kind Types

Kinds are broken up into the following three categories:

Reusable Equipment - Use this kind type for your regular stock equipment that will be reused such as radios, rescue equipment or personal protective equipment.

Disposable Supply - Use this kind type for disposable supplies such as medical supplies, bottled water or batteries.

Vehicle - Use this kind type for equipment where mileage is tracked. This kind type has specific default data fields for mileage & odometer readings.


Equipment locations help you isolate your equipment cache into specific storage locations. Keep in mind when creating locations that they should be permanent, non-movable locations such as a warehouse or vehicle bay; not gear bags or vehicles.


Barcodes are a great way to help manage your equipment cache. Barcodes can be assigned using the D4H Equipment App or from each individual item's [Update Details] page. 

Barcode types (Code128, QR, ITF) can be changed by selecting [Equipment Settings] from the Team Settings page.

D4H Equipment Management App

Our Equipment Management smartphone app with built-in barcoding will allow you to access and manage your equipment records from the warehouse floor. You get unlimited app downloads for all personnel, enabling them to perform mobile inspections, repair logging, and status updates.

Download the Equipment Management app here: