Access Level Required: Owner, Editor.

To view the access logs for your team's account

  • Go to [Access]
  • This will show you the most recent log in for each of your team's members
  • To check an individual member's log in, click view logs underneath their last log in
  • Under the Usage & Logs menu on the right hand side of the page click [Access Statistics] to check information such as Most Active Users, Latest Attendance Confirmation and Latest On-Call/Off-Call Update
  • Click [Access Logs] on the right-hand side for a full list of the log ins of all team members

Viewing the Change Logs

To track what changes have been made by members:

  • Go to [Access]
  • On the right-hand side under Usage & Logs, select [Change Logs]
  • This will give you a list of all recent changes made by all team members, including updating attendance, assigning tasks and SMS sending